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The Changing World RPG

In a world that is changing rapidly, skinchangers become more and more common among the people in the world. A school is established to help control their powers.
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 Roleplaying rules

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PostSubject: Roleplaying rules   Roleplaying rules Icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2014 6:24 am

§1: No godmodding. You don't control another person's character, they do. You will get a warning for this. If it happens a second time, 1-month suspension. if it happens a third time, permanent ban.
§2: If you have to go away for a while when you're rp'ing with someone, be nice and throw them a small 'brb' or the likes.
§3: If you do any talk with the others outside of the RPG, on the page, mark it with '//OOG: bla bla bla//'. The OOG stands for 'Out of Game'.
§4: Write in third person, past tense.
§5: When your character speaks, mark it as such; "Hello."
§6: When your character thinks, mark it as such; He certainly seems interesting.
§7: No Mary Sue's, please. Look at §1.
§8: When you start a subject, please fill out this at the start;

Place: On the ground, in the trees, where exactly is your character?
Time: What time of day is it? Noon? Midnight?
Music: What music fits the mood?

Rules may be added later without notice. It's your duty to keep updated on the rules.

Go nuts! Smile
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Roleplaying rules
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