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The Changing World RPG
The Changing World RPG
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The Changing World RPG

In a world that is changing rapidly, skinchangers become more and more common among the people in the world. A school is established to help control their powers.
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 Students of the school

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Students of the school Empty
PostSubject: Students of the school   Students of the school Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 10:31 pm

NB: The school is aimed at skinchangers, but does allow students that are human, beastfolk, satyrs, taurs and the very few genasi, too!

First years:
- Neal Walker, bear skinchanger
- Alex Akiyoshi, cheetah skinchanger

Second years:

Third years:

Fourth years:
- Namila Wa'lee, deer sknchanger

Fifth years:
- Uta 'No-Face', anaconda skinchanger
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Students of the school
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