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The Changing World RPG
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The Changing World RPG

In a world that is changing rapidly, skinchangers become more and more common among the people in the world. A school is established to help control their powers.
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 Explanation of the race facts/stats

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Explanation of the race facts/stats Empty
PostSubject: Explanation of the race facts/stats   Explanation of the race facts/stats Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 12:29 pm

Race: What race is this about?

Playable?: Will you be able to play this race? 'No' means only admins can play it; this race will only appear as NPCs.

Size: How big are they? How tall and heavy?

Speed: How fast can they walk/run/swin/fly?

Attributes: What's special about this race?

Physical Description: What do they look like?

Personality: How are they generally?

Relations: How are their relations with other races?

Alignment: Are they good or evil?

Religion: Which religion do they keep to? Human religions, Gaia, nothing?

Rarity (1 is common, 10 is extremely rare): Here you'll get a more thorough explanation for each number.

1 is about a million to two.
2 is about 100 000-200 000.
3 is about 4000-5000.
4 is about 500-1000.
5 is about 200-300.
6 is about 100.
7 is about 40-50.
8 is about 20-30.
9 is about 10.
10 is 1. There is only a single specimen left.

Anatomy: Any special things anatomy-wise, or is this race like a normal human or animal?

Examples: Examples of how the species look like.
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Explanation of the race facts/stats
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